Our Story


When I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl, I felt un-explainable amount of emotions. I felt so full of love for this new little being and as a designer by trade, my mind uncontrollably went into creative mode but this time for my baby. Even before she was born, when I went to shop for her, I fell in love with the little baby sized socks, shoes and dresses. But then, I wanted something different, unique and perhaps more bold than what was already in the market. Soon I found myself, late at night, sketching away in my office. Oh, and of course I was never alone, I always had my baby girl there with me. Even though she wasn’t yet born, I felt like this was connecting us. I was sharing what I loved with her and my love for her strongly influenced what I drew and subsequently went on to producing.

Sketching was the easy part. As a mother, I knew with baby skin being very delicate and sensitive, my primary focus was to ensure safety and comfort. So, I spent hours and hours on end researching possible baby allergens and suitable fabrics and materials. As an established business owner of Javeda, I used the team I had in place to create samples for my baby girl’s new and bespoke wardrobe. Later, I took this a step forward and created Javeda Baby, which is a reflection of my love for my baby darling Avisa.

Javeda Baby is a dream shop for little kids. Mommies we know the feeling of excitement when dressing our little ones. However, we also understand the importance of ensuring that our fashionistas & debonairs are comfortable in what they are wearing. Therefore, we can work with you in creating a perfect piece for your munchkins! We play with colors and fabrics upon fabrics, to design that special piece. Each and every outfit is crafted with love, sourced with high quality material & detailed stitching. Over and above that, all our pieces are made in Canada. When you purchase one of our designs, we welcome you to our JB family! 
And Mamas, here’s to raising our beautiful children just as beautifully from the inside!

Future of Javeda Baby:

We hope to see our beautiful designs in different boutiques & stores across the world one day.

Javeda Baby is designed and operated from Calgary, Alberta.

For inquires on becoming a stockist or collaboration,

Email us at info@javeda.com

Much Love,

Aman & Avisa